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Car Purse Pouch

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  • Purse Pouch – As Seen On TV – Patented, keeps your Large and Small purses Clean, Up-right, Out of everyone’s way, and Accessible
  • Large purses, gym bag, brief case, computer case are thrown in Front of the pocket. Pocket is perfect for the small purses and miscellaneous items such as: umbrellas, gloves, cell phones, tablets, charging cords, tissues, notebooks, and more
  • Three Easy Installation steps: 1. Place strings around console lid – tie a knot 2. Take straps across front of the seats and hook to headrest posts located closest to the Doors 3. Adjust straps to form a deep Pouch/Hammock/Cup behind the console for easy tossing of purse into and removal from the Purse Pouch
  • Purse Pouch helps reduce distracted driving by providing easy access to your purse contents without taking your eyes off the road. As well as, eliminates the need for inconvenient purse placement at your passenger’s feet; with Purse Pouch your purse will stay clean, upright, and within easy reach
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